Thought Leadership


Shale Oil & Gas Cross over Collaboration

  • Shell -- long-term global strategy scenario planning
  • Shale Gas Thought Leader Forum Advisory Board.  See proceedings
  • Apache/Boston Common -- board and shareholder engagement
  • The GailFosler Group Energy Expert Meeting.  See here
  • Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy and Pace Law School Land Use Law Center -- “Addressing the Local Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing”.   
  • Resources for the Future -- “Pathways to Dialog”.  
  • Resources for the Future – Shale Cross-Sector Convening
  • Ceres – Shale Energy and Water Cross-Sector Convening
  • Presentation and discussant:  “Hydraulic Fracturing: Business and Finance Perspectives”, at Yale.  See Document

Research Sponsor:  Engaged and drove multiple parties to consensus around a sensitive topic, how to collect and analyze data on Marcellus Shale water quality in a manner that all parties deem credible.  Parties included:

  • The lead researcher, a Yale Forestry and Environment School chemical engineer and hydrologist, who is producing independent research for peer review.  No other party has editorial license
  • A respected oil and gas operator, which disclosed frac plans and drilled properly cited wells for researchers to install world class measuring devices that collect before, during and after data
  • The leading not-for-profit environmental advocacy group, which reviewed and concurred with the research protocol
  • A funder, the foundation of a global bank seeking to understand investment risk.  See research overview |  See research specifics



The Water-Energy Nexus


Author:  “The Water-Energy Nexus: Adding Water to the Energy Agenda”, published by The World Policy Institute. See full policy paper  |  See Bloomberg Headquarters policy paper launch event and reception slides

Contributor:  “Guidelines for Integrating Alternative Jet Fuel into the Airport Setting”, published by the National Academy of Sciences (Transportation Research Board, Airport Cooperative Research Program) with funding from the US Federal Aviation Administration.  See full report

Contributor:  “Assessing Opportunities for Alternative Fuel Distribution Programs”, published by the National Academy of Sciences (Transportation Research Board, Airport Cooperative Research Program) with funding from the US Federal Aviation Administration.  See full report

Reviewer: “Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Stress: Water Demand By The Numbers” published by Ceres.  See full report

Launch presentation:  “The Water-Energy Nexus:  Adding Water to the Energy Agenda”, at Bloomberg Headquarters

Presentation and discussion:  “The Water Energy Nexus”, at New America.  

Presentation, moderator and discussant:  “The Water-Energy-Food Nexus:  A Roundtable on the New Global Resource Challenge”, at McKinsey & Company.  See agenda

Plenary presentation:  “The Water-Energy-Food Nexus:  At the Top of the Global Agenda”, at the Green Energy Summit and Exposition.  

Keynote presentation:  “The Water-Energy Nexus:  Adding Water to the Energy Agenda”, Milwaukee Water Summit.  See slides

Panel:  “Food Water Energy”, at the Columbia University Earth Summit.

Presentation:  “Integrating Financial Drivers into the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”, at The Conference Board.  See slides (pdf) and/or See agenda here  


Employee Engagement

  • Author:  “Environmental Employee Engagement Roadmap:  How to Build a Streamlined Program that Quickly Delivers Business and Environmental Results”.  See full Engagement Roadmap  |  See pre-launch presentation slides
  • Byline: “How to Launch A Successful Employee Engagement Program”.  See article, HR.BLR.Com
  • Byline:  “Engage Employees When Launching a Workplace Environmental Program”,  
  • Pre-Launch presentation:  “Environmental Employee Engagement – A Streamlined Roadmap:  How to Quickly Deliver Business and Environmental Results”, hosted by the Environmental Defense Fund
  • Sparkplug Speaker:  “How To Inspire Employees, Make Money and Do Good Things for the World”, at the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders NYC Future of Capitalism Summit
  • Webinar:  “Employee Engagement: Inspiring Your Biggest Sustainability Asset – Your People”, hosted by Pembina.  
  • Webinar:  "Environmental Employee Engagement:  Why Your Business Should Care About The Environment”, part of the ExecSense CFO Webinar Series.  
  • Webinar:  “Challenges and Opportunities:  Environmental Employee Engagement”, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship webinar.  See slides
  • Presentation:  “Challenges and Opportunities:  Environmental Employee Engagement”, City University of New York GoGreen Conference. 
  • Moderator:  “Scaling Employee Engagement, Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration”, Corporate Eco-Forum Annual Meeting
  • Discussant:  “Environmental Employee Engagement”, Corporate Eco-Forum Annual Meeting
  • Panel:  “Environmental Employee Engagement”, Better Business Bureau Forum on Corporate Responsibility VI.  See agenda  



  • Panel: “Financial Innovation”, at Sommet Mondial des Régions pour le Climat (Paris).  See agenda
  • Presentation:  “Innovating for Impact -- R&D and Sustainability Investment in Innovation: Wall Street Perspectives”, at The Conference Board  See agenda
  • Guest Speaker:  Global CREX Launch Event, at Bloomberg Headquarters
  • Guest Lecture:  “Introduction to P&L and Cash for Sustainability Professionals”, at The Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. 
  • Guest Webinar:  “Strategy Planning:  A Practitioner’s View on How to Pull It All Together”, to the Bard MBA in Sustainability students 


Chief Sustainability Officer 2.0 (Tm)

  • Pre-Launch presentation:  “Chief Sustainability Officer 2.0™”, at The Conference Board 
  • Launch Presentation:  “Chief Sustainability Officer 2.0™”, at The Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability Roundtable. 
  • Course Wrap-Up Lecture:  “Chief Sustainability Officer 2.0™”, at the University of California at Santa Barbara Bren School of Environmental Science and Management  



4th street Forum @Turner Hall, Town Hall with Ed Begley Jr., Diana Glassman and Dr. Michael Mann, aired by PBS.  Watch video

“The Energy Water Nexus”, hosted by Clean Energy Connections.  Watch video

“Banking on the Environment”, published by Ensia.  Read interview:

“How TD Bank Measures Employee Engagement on Sustainability”, published by 2 Degrees.  Read interview:




Awards and Recognition

Innovation of the Year Award, for Environmental Employee Engagement, presented by Charities at Work

Green Leaf Award, for bank with assets >$10 billion, presented by BankNews

GreenBiz/Net Impact case study:  “ Bank: Where Going Green Is Going Viral”, by Heather Clancy.See press release here  |  Read here:  

Closing the Bell Ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), invited to stand on the balcony by Corporate Responsibility Magazine COMMIT!Forum.  Watch video


Boards and Advisory Boards  

World Policy Institute Board and Advisory Board, Yale Climate & Energy Institute Advisory Board, Canada Shale Gas Thought Leader Forum Advisory Board.  See proceedings



The Economist, Forbes, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Daily Deal, Sustainable Brands, GreenBiz, multiple local journals, trade journals, etc.