ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Investing / Sustainability Strategy

We help investors, senior executives and boards leverage ESG/sustainability strategy to increase financial performance.


Institutional investors:

  • Ask the right questions. 
  • Evaluate a company or manager's ESG strategy and financial impact in the investment decision-making process.  
  • Position asset managers to attract ESG-conscious AUM.


Private equity:

  • Identify ESG-related opportunities to increase and accelerate portfolio company EBITDA, expand multiples and decrease risk.  
  • Evaluate and maximize portfolio company ESG financial performance. 
  • Get ahead of increasing LP scrutiny and preference for ESG-conscious GPs, all other things equal.  


Companies and operators:

  • Use ESG lens to identify "low-hanging" financial value creating opportunities within 2-3 years, particularly in the retail/business to consumer, services and upstream oil and gas sectors.
  • Craft an accretive ESG/sustainability strategy that maximizes financial and strategic value.
  • Measure, monitor and maximize ESG/sustainability financial results.



  • Develop an informed point of view on the nature, magnitude and timing of ESG impacts on strategy, financial performance and risk. 
  • Pressure test company strategy, financial forecasts and risk management processes and controls. 
  • Evaluate CEO performance leveraging ESG/sustainability strategy to create incremental financial value.


Selected thought leadership (See more here)

ESG Financial Value Creation Metrics

  • We developed a new class of ESG Financial Value Creation Metrics that measure the impact of ESG initiatives on the drivers of a company's free cash flow.

  • ESG Financial Value Creation Metrics help investors, senior executives and boards quantify the impact of a company's ESG strategy on its financial performance.       

  • See "The Missing Metrics That Matter To Investors -- How Companies Can Develop ESG Financial Value Creation Metrics".  Journal of Environmental Investing (September 2017), volume 8, no. 1.
    Read the Full Journal Article
    Read more on ESG Financial Value Creation metrics in "The Future of Investing is Responsible".

Sustainability Strategy and Execution

Upstream Oil and Gas


We apply private equity and sustainability execution experience to scale portfolio company impact, financial performance and exit value. See more

  • CEO right hand
  • Interim COO
  • Exit preparation